Nate Duhon (26) and Sheila Downs (31) seem to be on the edge of encountering another problem in their married life. The latest preview of Episode 8 titled “Intimacy” shows the couple fighting over having trust issues.

This Chicago couple when married seemed to be a perfect match. But the problems started arriving during their honeymoon and have followed them since then. Nate’s competitiveness and Sheila’s emotional nature does not seem to gel well.

In the next episode, Nate and Sheila are seen having a dinner at a restaurant. The pair starts talking and Nate asks her, “what if he goes out and she is not around then how much does she trust him to behave around a good woman.” To which Sheila replies, “Okay, I don’t know!” Watching Sheila’s reaction Nate is quite shocked.

Married At First Sight
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What Happened With Nate And Sheila In Episode 7?

This was the only episode where Nate appeared to be in favor of Sheila when her father was arguing about the number of guests invited to the wedding. The episode also has seen Sheila revealing her tough relationship she shares with her sister and her boyfriend.

On the other hand, initially, when the couple moved in the new home with Nate’s brother, Tyrique, Sheila was seen commanding new house rules. One of which included not bringing any woman to the home. Nate’s brother was seen a little upset with that rule.

Cody, Danielle And Ashley, Anthony’s Relationship Development

It will be interesting to watch how these couples tackle intimacy and trust issues in Married At First Sight Season 5 Episode 8. Cody and Danielle are yet to consummate their wedding and Ashley and Anthony are unable to take a call on whether they should become parents immediately.

Watch Married At First Sight Season 5 Episode 8 on Lifetime network on Thursday.

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Watch the clip of next episode below.


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