Married At First Sight Season 5 Episode 15 preview has been dropped. In this preview one Chicago couple, Cody and Danielle are seen in Cody’s hometown of Milwaukee. They discuss how their marriage has progressed all this while and also about the issues in having intimacy.

Cody Knapek and Danielle DeGroot have not had any intimacy after their wedding. This is a major concern for the husband than his wife, Danielle. In the preview she talks, “So this was perfect, this was everything I needed to feel like we’re still growing together and we’re still working on this marriage,” reported

But are these feelings same for Cody? That does not seem to be the case. In the preview, as per the aforementioned source, he says, “It’s definitely harder than what I expected. It’s tough. What do you think?” He also added, “Eventually I think we can get to a great marriage. My hardest thing in the relationship for sure has been not consummating this marriage,” explained Cody.

Photo: Lifetime

In one of the episodes of Married At First Sight Season 5, it has been seen that all three couples had come together to meet. When the remaining two learned about the lack of intimacy in Cody and Danielle’s relationship they were shocked!

And now it seems like Cody is losing his patience. He says to Danielle in the preview, “So, to be honest, I don’t know how much more I can really stand, or how much more I really want to stand.” These remarks on their wedding by Cody can once again make Danielle concerned about their married life. She might put up walls and keep Cody more away from her.

Is there a possibility that things might improve between this one Chicago couple? What do you feel? Sound off your thoughts in the comment section below.


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