Married at First Sight Season 5 Episode 8 has witnessed new developments in the life of three Chicago couples. Danielle and Cody are now taking the next step to consummate their wedding. Read to know more.

Cody And Danielle Find Love?

It was great to see that Cody is feeling the need to consummate his wedding with Danielle. After taking the tips from the relationship expert Rachel, he takes Danielle out on a date night, reported In Touch Weekly. They learn how to tango, and Danielle seems to be quite impressed with the efforts of her husband to impress her. Will they now consummate their wedding?

Anthony And Ashley Resolve Issues

This couple had a verbal argument in the last episode on whether Ashley should take up the last name of Anthony. In this episode, it was clear that Ashley has decided to take Anthony’s last name and also keep her last name. Ashley resolved the issue by buying a framed graphic that has the words “Mr. and Mrs. D’Amico” on it, reported the aforementioned source.

The couple seems to be quiet for some time on the issue of having a baby soon. But during the meeting with the relationship expert Rachel, Ashley was seen in tears. She told the expert that she likes the way Anthony handles her and calms her down.

But when the expert asked her “Doesn’t that put a burden on him?” Ashley felt that her husband had told Rachel something and therefore she was asking that question. Later the couple is seen discussing the issue and settling things between them.

Married At First Sight
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Nate And Sheila Have Trust Issues

Nate and Sheila in this episode are seen discussing how much they trust each other. So when Nate asks her if she will be able to trust him if tomorrow he hangs out with another woman in her absence? To which she replies”Okay. I don’t know.”

The relationship expert Rachel tries to help the couple in their issues. That is when Sheila tells her about her bad past relationships. Are those bad experiences holding Sheila back from trusting her husband?

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