The Google Maps app for Android devices has received a new update today, which brings some major changes. The new Maps APK update gives you a better navigation notification now, and you also get notifications for timeline events. The offline maps are automatically downloaded, and there’s a shortcut for posting photos in reviews. We’ll also be talking a little about live traffic.

google maps 9.23 apk download

Navigation Notification Changes

After installing the Maps 9.23 APK update, open the navigation mode and you’ll notice that the navigation notification now shows a green background with white text on it. It gives you a better way to read directions when you are out of the Maps app, as the navigation notification stands out from other notifications, making it more prominent.

Timeline Events Notifications

About the timeline in the app, Maps can make mistakes when it makes educated guesses about the places you visit. There are prompts to make quick fixes, but that is to be done manually, something which people don’t remember often. Well, Maps now gives you notifications to remind you of fixing the timeline events. You can always turn it off.

Automatically Download Offline Areas

The Offline Settings screen now has a new option called “Automatically download offline areas”. Maps will identify your locations and will automatically download those maps for offline viewing so that you don’t get lost when there’s network congestion or just poor connectivity. This makes those offline maps work much faster and smoother.

Post a Photo in Reviews With a Shortcut

Tap the overflow menu in your list of Reviews that you’ll find in My Contributions. You will see a third item in addition to Delete and Edit options. The third option lets you upload a photo in reviews.

Live Traffic (Still in Experimental Phase)

The navigation drawer in Maps APK already gives you a layer for Traffic that includes precise information about accidents, slow traffic, etc. Well, Google’s developers are trying to combine live information from drivers using Waze and Maps navigation so that traffic conditions can be predicted and abnormal conditions can be reported quickly. So users will get real-time traffic conditions. But it’s still developing, so it needs to be polished intensively to work smoothly.

As you see, the Maps app for Android has been updated with great features and should be downloaded. You can download Maps APK v9.23 from APKMirror.


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