Mafia 3 has multiple endings. The trickiest one is where you keep everyone recruited alive. We’ll go over how to make that happen in our Mafia 3 Guide. Basically, it all boils down to how well you treat your underbosses as you take over New Bordeaux. When you take control of each racket, you’ll have to assign it to Cassandra, Burke or Vito. Then, once you take down all the rackets in the district and eliminate the Marcano lieutenant who oversees it, you’ll have to pick one of your underbosses to replace them. This will ship controls of all the district’s rackets to whoever it’s new leader is. Pass over someone more than once you’ll probably be looking for a fight.

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Mafia 3 Guide – Here’s how to keep all your underbosses happy till the end of the game

Easiest way to ensure all your lieutenants play nice through to the end of the game, is to dole out an equal number of districts to each underboss. Then assign your rackets to whoever you want the district to take over. For example, if Burke wants the Salvage Yard and Distillery, he is well-suited to take over the car theft and smuggling racket.

You can still get away with showing a bit of favoritism. “We’re in this together” trophy could still be unlocked for reaching the ending with all three of your underbosses. Once you reach the ending, you can either choose to take over New Bordeaux for yourself or leave it all behind. If you choose the latter, whichever of your lieutenants is the highest earnings, will take over as the city’s new crime boss. Depending on who that is, it could have a big impact on the future of the city.

Let us know whether you found this Mafia 3 Guide helpful or not. Special thanks to IGN for making this happen.


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