Mafia 3 released during last week, receiving mixed reviews, giving PC gamers a headache with its 30 fps lock (which should be removed with the latest patch). The game puts you in 60’s era New Orleans fighting with various gangs for the control of the city.

Mafia 3

As with most games, getting a steady cash flow might be hard at the start but with these six tips you’ll always have enough cash, and the money will be easily earned. Follow the tips and you won’t need cheats to earn lots of money in no time.

First tip: It is essential to store the money in a safe every time you earn some. This way your cash will be safe, even if your character dies. You’ll always have a little extra on the side, in case money is needed for an unplanned purchase.

Second tip: Never, ever, spend money on ammo. You can earn ammo by searching for the weapons truck, finding it and detaining it. This way, all your weapons will be locked and loaded, without a cent spent on ammo.

Third tip: After you unlock Vito Scaletta, you’ll be able to work with him. He can enable you to call a random character to pick your money. Note that the money will not go into the safe this way.

Mafia 3

Fourth tip: Look for the cash piles and make sure to loot them all. They contain huge amounts of in-game currency, and the biggest cash piles are to be found in enemy stronghold regions. Cash Piles are a great way to earn lots of money quickly.

Fifth tip: Never forget to take kickbacks after you complete a racket. Try grabbing kickbacks collected by your partners as well. Another great way of getting your hands on a huge amount of money.

Sixth tip: make sure to accumulate $140,000 in cash. By accumulating the amount, you’ll unlock a special function letting you assign a person to collect kickback profit from all active rackets. In other words, you won’t have to pick up kickback profit by yourself, it will be collected automatically. This way you’ll earn money faster, without the need to drive around the city just to reap the kickback profit.


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