IGN got some hands-on to Mafia 3. Some game mechanics were never before seen and are brand new. We’ll give our Mafia 3 gameplay preview in this article to let you know how epic the game is. The game has an unrivaled 70s vibe with action and a territory system which adds spectacular variety to the game.

mafia 3 gameplay preview
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Mafia 3 Gameplay Preview – game is absolutely accurate and authentic

Mafia 3 pulls no punches. This game is accurate and as true to history and life as 1970s New Orleans.

The game is extremely graphic, expect lots of blood, gore and broken bones

The game is super graphic. It really nails it in terms of violence, racism and gang-related stuff relevant to the 70s era. The game does an exceptional job of wrapping you around the world of pre-civil rights movement america.

The end-game executions are more brutal than the ones in Saw

We’re talking about bludgeoning people and killing them in the most brutal but satisfying way. One end game objective cut-scene shows the game’s protagonist wrapping a rope around the villain’s neck and tying the other end to a carriage in a circus Big Wheel. He then turns on the ride and watches the guy succumb to death as the Merry Go Round takes him all the way to the top and back. Not even Friday the 13th or Nightmare on Elm Street could pull this off.

A dynamic day/night and weather cycle

You see a complete day/night cycle happening in-game. Weather effects also change drastically. Imagine 70s New Orleans buried under snow or experiencing harsh winds or just having a bright sunny day.

You’re going to witness some brutal random events happening, mostly depicting racism

Welcome to 70s New Orleans. Segregation and anti-black sentiments are the order of the day. The game is highly authentic, so you will see certain random events that depict the racist sentiments of people during that time. Gameplay video shows cops dragging African American civilians in the streets and beating them. It’s not a game for the faint of heart.

Lincoln Clay is the craziest man we have ever seen

There is no dearth of crazy and over-the-top sequences. To add icing to the cake, we have a mixed race Vietnam vet returning to the country filled with anger. After being betrayed by a rival gang, he vows vengeance and you get to witness some of the craziest combat executions you might have ever seen in video games. This man is highly creative in finishing off his enemies.

Don’t worry, the game has a fantastic story-line

If you’re worried the game is losing itself in all the action and violence then don’t worry. You have a fine tuned mission system and the cut-scenes show spectacular voice acting by all the main characters. It has that strange vibe from Road to Perdition. Just imagine Lincoln Clay in place of Tom Hanks in that movie and imagine all your favorite moments from that film with Lincoln dishing out all the justice to the various mob bosses.

Let us know what you think of the Mafia 3 gameplay preview so far.