Apple fans from around the world expect for the company to reveal the upgraded MacBook Pro line this year, and there are tons of rumors talking about the potential specs and release date. Let’s check them out.


Firstly, there are some rumors mentioning AMD Ryzen as the engine of choice for the next generation of MacBook Pro, but since Apple still orders CPUs from Intel, it is unlikely for the company to all of a sudden chose a different CPU supplier. Yes, the Ryzen CPUs are great for professionals (gamers aren’t as happy) but it is just impossible for the company as large as Apple to change the supplier in just a few months. So, the processors used in the upcoming MacBook Pro devices should be Kaby Lake i5’s and i7’s.

AMD might take a part in the MacBook Pro hardware since there are some reports that the upcoming RX 500 series GPUs might found their way onto the upcoming laptops. The MacBook Pro (2017) devices should rock 16 GB of RAM, and there’s a slim chance for the memory to get doubled since that would as for a completely new design of the logic board.

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As for the reveal date, there’s no firm one, but is it expected for the new laptop devices to debut during Q4, 2017.