Apple seems to be very busy these days preparing for the upcoming launches of its much-awaited devices. The company will be launching its iPhone 7 most probably in September this year. But notebook fans are waiting for the MacBook Pro 2016 release that has been delayed several times.

UniversityHerald reports that the 2016 MacBook Pro will come with high-end features and will help Apple bring back the sales figures it badly needs. The report says that the new laptops will be powered by Intel Skylake processors and might come with an OLED touch bar that will replace the function keys on the keyboard.

macbook pro 2016 with iphone 7

The new Skylake chipsets will not only provide better performance but will also improve the battery efficiency. This should result in a noticeably better battery life in the new models than the previous Mac Pro notebooks. Also, the OLED touchscreen display on the keyboard will display notifications and controls for the on-screen applications.

A report by HNGN says that the MacBook Pro 2016 notebooks should get an improvement of around 30% in the battery life as compared to their predecessors. Also, with new integrated graphics cards, the graphics performance is expected to go up by 16-41%. Other than that, the new notebooks may carry Touch ID fingerprint scanner, NFC chip, and probably Siri too.

If you are a fan of the MacBook Air laptops, there might be some bad news for you. According to a ChristianDaily report, Apple’s new MacBook Pro 2016 release may kill off the Air lineup completely. This means that we may not get the much-awaited MacBook Air 2016 notebooks. As the new Pro models are expected to be the lightest and thinnest MacBooks yet, Apple has no reason to continue the Air notebooks. Anyway, the last major update in the MacBook Air series was in early 2015, so we wouldn’t keep much hopes from the series.

GameNGuide suggests that MacBook Pro 2016 release date will be somewhere between August to October 2016. September is the iPhone 7 launch, and if Apple does not launch the new notebooks at that event, Q4 of this year seems be the best bet for the Mac Pro launch.


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