Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) this year is less than a couple of months away, and a lot of gossiping is being done about what the event will bring. More than the new iterations of iOS and OS X, Apple fans are looking forward to the MacBook Pro 2016 that is expected to launch at the event.

A lot of rumors about the 2016 MacBook Pro have come out and we have got an overall idea that the new laptop will be a sure-shot winner. The new models are expected to bring back the glory to Apple in the notebook market, so let’s see if this claim matches with the rumors so far.

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MacBook Pro 2016 Release Date: When Will It Be Launched?

As we mentioned above and in the previous reports, all the experts and Apple lovers are touting WWDC 2016 to be the launch pad for the new MacBook Pro models. The event is going to be held from 13th to 17th of June, which is just a month and a half to go. Rumors suggest that Apple will launch the new laptops on the very first day of the conference, that’s 13th June.

But how likely is that going to be true? Well, it is perfectly viable as far as logic goes. When Apple has got the WWDC, there’s no reason why Apple will go out if its way to hold a separate event for the 2016 MacBook Pro launch. After June, the only Apple event that’s expected is the iPhone 7 launch in September, and there are little to no chances of the company launching the new MacBook Pro during that event.

Lastly, the current MacBook Air got a price cut recently, and even the Retina MacBook Pro (13.3-inch, 256GB storage, 8GB memory) got a $300 price cut on Best Buy. This suggests that Apple wants to clear up the stock faster to prepare for the newer Pro models. So yes, 13th-17th June looks like the best time for the MacBook Pro 2016 release.

MacBook Pro 2016 Price: How Much Will It Cost?

Apple will have to do it right with the price of the 2016 MacBook Pro so that its competitors do not get an edge over it just because of the expensiveness of the new models. While there are hardly any rumors about the MacBook Pro 2016 price, it is clear that the new models won’t cost a bomb over the older ones. Right now, the base Retina MacBook Pro (15-inch model) is priced at $1,999, while the top variant is priced at $2,499. The pricing for the new MacBook Pro (2016) models should be similar. Still for a guess, a starting price of $2199 looks good.

MacBook Pro 2016 Features and Specs

Talking about the starters, two new MacBook Pro 2016 models are expected to be launched this year. One of them will be a 15-inch model, while the other one will be a 13-inch variant. Both the versions are expected to come with Retina Displays. As for the design, the new laptops might be lighter and slimmer than the current MacBook Air notebooks.

Under the hood, we are sure that the 2016 MacBook Pro will use Intel’s Skylake processors, as the updated 12-inch MacBook now has got Core M Skylake processors. The internal storage space for the new laptops will be 256 GB at least, and they might carry multiple Type-C USB ports with Thunderbolt 3. The 13-inch MacBook Pro might get 8GB of RAM and the 15-inch one might get 16 GB RAM.

Lastly, we have got some rumors about the GPU used in the MacBook Pro 2016. It is being said that Apple will use new AMD GPUs in the upcoming models, and the GPUs might be based on Global Foundries 14nm FinFET processor node.

Is Apple Going to Kill the MacBook Air Series?

There are speculations suggesting that Apple might put an end to the MacBook Air lineup once and for all after releasing the MacBook Pro 2016 models. Well, that might come true if the rumor about the upcoming Pro laptops carrying a lighter and heavier than Air models comes true.

We expect more rumors and leaks in the near future before the WWDC, so stay tuned.


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