It has been the smartphone industry that has been stealing all the limelight this year, with excellent new technologies and innovating being introduced to make smartphones even smarter. But what about laptops? Well, the notebook industry hasn’t seen any major chance in a while except lighter and thinner laptops that are faster. But we want more innovative features, don’t we? The upcoming MacBook Pro 2016 release will hopefully take care of that.

According to a new report by GizBot, the 2016 MacBook Pro models are going to get a redesign and will be thinner and lighter than the previous models. The 13″ and 15″ new laptops will come with stronger, more durable hinges that will be made using a molded metal injection technique, and Apple might also include the butterfly mechanism keyboard that was introduced in the MacBook 2016.

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The same report also suggests that we may see an OLED touch display bar on the keyboard. The new MacBook Pro (2016) will be powered by Intel Skylake processors that will be faster and will improve the battery life significantly. USB Type-C ports along with Thunderbolt 3 are obvious expectations, and rumors also predict the inclusion of Touch ID sensor in the new Macs. There might be a Rose Gold variant of the notebooks.

ChristianTimes has reported that Apple will not wait for the next-gen Intel Kaby Lake processors. Instead, the company will use the sixth-gen Skylake CPUs that all the major notebook manufacturers are using right now. Apple introduced the Skylake processors with the 2016 MacBook, so there’s no reason why the high-end MacBook Pro 2016 won’t get the latest processors. The report also mentions that the new laptops should enter the market with prices lower than their predecessors, something that will help Apple boost its sales and market share eventually.

As for the MacBook Pro 2016 release date, Apple’s activities are making the launch date seem nearer. As reported by TheBitBag, the Cupertino giant has started pulling out the older non-Retina MacBook Pro laptops from stores even though the devices are working perfectly fine and are in stock. This is enough to suggest that those laptops might get phased out completely to make space for the newer MacBook Pro (2016) models.

All the latest rumors and speculations point towards the second half, more specifically the last quarter of this year as the release date of the MacBook Pro 2016. We all know that September is the month for iPhone 7 launch, so October looks like a good time to release the new Macs. Apple might even change its plans and decide to launch the new MacBook Pro and iPhone 7 on the same stage. Nothing is clear yet, so we should wait for more information before making further guesses.


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