MacBook Pro 2016 is undoubtedly the most-awaited laptop this year, even for those who aren’t buying it but are just excited to see what new it will bring to the tablet. A lot of rumors and speculations about the 2016 MacBook Pro have been doing rounds on the internet. And now that Apple’s WWDC 2016 (Worldwide Developer Conference) is fast approaching, the rumor mill has started warming up.

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MacBook Pro (2015) and MacBook Air Get Big Discounts

The 2015 MacBook Pro (13″ model) is now selling for $1,199.99 on Best Buy, while it’s original price was $1,299.99. Similarly, B&H Photo has discounted the 13-inch MacBook Air (126GB) and has now priced it at $799, while the initial price was $999. The 256GB model that earlier carried a price tag of $1,099 is now selling at $949.

Now these are not the only discounts we have seen recently. A couple of other MacBook devices have got price cuts last month and before that. And all this suggests that stocks are being cleared to make space for the upcoming MacBook Pro (2016). These discounts are probably telling us that the launch is not far away and is highly likely to happen at the WWDC.

MacBook Pro 2016 Release Date is 13th June?

Guessing by Apple’s release pattern every year, we cannot think of any other date than 13th June. That is the first day of the WWDC 2016 that is going to be running from 13th to 17th June. Just for your information, the 13″ MacBook Pro 2015 was launched in March last year, followed by their 15″ model in May.

We haven’t seen the 2016 MacBook Pro release yet, so there can be no better event for the launch other than the WWDC in June. Also, it is highly unlikely that Apple will break its pattern to hold a separate launch event, as anyway it has to launch the iPhone 7 is September this year. So June 13 looks like the best guess we can make right now, and that’s what all the people around the world are suggesting.

What New Will the 2016 MacBook Pro Offer?

If rumors are to be believed, then the MacBook Pro will be lighter and thinner than the current MacBook Air. The new MacBook Pro 2016 will be coming in a 13-inch and a 15-inch variant and might come with a Rose Gold option. If the new laptop is going to be thinner and lighter than the Air model, then it is being speculated that Apple might totally kill the MacBook Air lineup.

Under the hood, the MacBook Pro (2016) will be running the latest Intel Skylake processors that have debuted in Apple’s portfolio with the new MacBook (2016). The Skylake CPU will not only increase the performance significantly but also improve the battery life by a considerable margin.

Apple is still using Broadwell and Haswell chips while Dell and Microsoft have already moved on to the six-gen Skylake. And was we said, the 2016 MacBook has already got the new processors, so there’s no reason why the MacBook Pro 2016 will not come with Skylake processors. There will also be new GPUs used in the upcoming MacBook Pro, rumored to be the AMD Polaris 11.

Apart from that, we also expect faster flash storage, and probably some smarter connectivity options so that Apple can make the MacBook Pro (2016) less fatty.

Other Rumors: Touch ID and Touchscreen Display

There are rumors that Apple will include Touch ID in its upcoming MacBook Pro models. Well, it would be a nice move as that would add another strong layer of security to the devices. But this is a baseless rumor and we don’t know whether Apple will seriously bring this feature out of the iPhone and to the MacBook Pro.

Another rumor says that the 2016 MacBook Pro may carry a touchscreen display. And while that might sound enticing, we think that’s unlikely. Because for that purpose, we have got the iPad Pro which is extremely powerful. We are not saying it’s impossible, but Apple won’t do it at least this year as it is also a costly affair.

MacBook Pro 2016 Price Rumors

It is just a rough guess, so take it with a pinch of salt. Going by the pricing of the current MacBook Pro, we expect the 2016 MacBook Pro range to start at around $1,299.

That’s all the information we have right now about the MacBook Pro (2016). We will keep you updated as and when we get new details. So stay tuned.


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