As usual, the months leading up to the launch of iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus were full of rumors and speculations regarding the introduction of several new features including a dual camera setup, OLED display, wireless headset, and wireless charging, just to name a few. As we saw later, many of those rumors turned into reality while others were shifted to next year.

As we told you last month, among the key new features that are expected to make it to the next iPhone models is the wireless charging feature. However, according to a new revelation, Apple is also prepping to introduce this feature across other platforms as well, including the Mac lineup. We know this because a new patent was spotted online which illustrates wireless charging in multiple platforms used in Apple Stores.

This new system will be deployed on table tops in Apple Stores which will then create a “charging zone” radius around it. Any compatible Apple device within this radius will start charging automatically.

Image courtesy: PatentlyApple
Image Courtesy: PatentlyApple
Image Courtesy: PatentlyApple
Image Courtesy: PatentlyApple

As you can see in the first image above, the new technology will consist of a charging surface featuring a set of transmitting and receiving devices. The second image shows a receiver sporting bow-shaped coils, drawn to illustrate how future desktop settings in Apple Stores could work. The third image, meanwhile, is the cross-section of a tablet device charging wirelessly from the platform.

In conclusion, the common perception is already that the Mac family is not as popular as it once used to be. So, Apple is under pressure to introduce some radical upgrades if it wants to lead the race amidst an increasingly intense competition. While Cupertino’s emphasis on going completely wireless is widely known, the success of this ambitious goal will depend to a large extent on this new wireless charging solution capable of working across the company’s ecosystem.


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