We had reported yesterday that the Microsoft Lumia 950 XL was pulled down from Amazon’s online stores in France and UK. No actual reason was given for the sudden decision, though we think that it might be due to the phone not being in stock. Well, Amazon is now selling the Lumia 950 XL again in France and UK, and the retailer has given no explanation for this “unstable behaviour”.

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The black model of the Lumia 950 XL is back in stock at Amazon UK, but the white one is still not available. Meanwhile, Amazon France shows the black model in stock but is displaying the white model in the pictures, which is a bit confusing. Anyway, the point is that buyers in UK and France can now get the phone.

It’s not just Amazon. Some other online retailers also kept removing the new Lumia flagships from their listing. The reason behind is said to be the high return rates because of the horrible battery life. But another logic says that the retailers might be having difficulty in getting the Lumia 950 XL back in stock.

Amazon UK did say on its Lumia listing that the problem was caused by a description error, the shipping method of the item, or inventory issues. What do you think?


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