Microsoft brought both these great JRPGs to backward compatibility recently. But only to owners who already had discs. Now they’ve made them available digitally for everyone. On top of all that, Lost Odyssey, one of the best JRPGs of the last generation, is FREE until December 31st, 2016.

lost odyssey
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Lost Odyssey is free until the end of the year

The Lost Odyssey has a fantastic intro but after the intro ended, we felt like most of what we were doing was a waste of time. The one objective you are given was interrupted as the party was captured and forced into a long and boring stealth section. Before meeting a character that dies immediately after you meet her. And then you spent an hour collecting sticks and flowers and playing minigames to get through her funeral and it’s just so poorly paced.

The game doesn’t give enough time to appreciate the character before she died. Which would’ve been fine if they didn’t dwell on her death for so long with pointless fetch quests and minigames. The pacing of the intro is great, and we loved the battle system but everything story related after the intro just felt like a waste of time.

It mostly lost players because it got to the cool down period where you’re first allowed to really start taking in the game’s world. And you start really processing the environment. That dull, dreary, boring environment. Maybe it only matters to some people who are (sometimes vain and shallowly) very aesthetically driven. But it was unfortunately enough to make many lose almost all interest.

Despite its shortcomings, this game deserves a second chance and we’re confident that returning fans would love to be immersed in its world once more.


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