For all the X-Men fans out there (especially the Wolverine fans) who don’t yet know, the new ‘Logan’ Red Band trailer is out now. But if you are expecting something typical X-Men’ish from this movie, we suggest you change your perception. Because as far as the trailer shows us, ‘Logan’ is not going to be the usual superhero movie. It looks more like an old-school Western action drama with a post-apocalyptic climate. Nonetheless, it does look very promising in its own way.


The first thing you will notice about the film is its name. The regular audience would have expected a name like ‘X-Men: Wolverine Ends’ or ‘Wolverine: The Final Chapter’. But the makers decided to go straightforward instead and name it as ‘Logan’, which somehow feels right for a film that’s going to end the franchise. Moving beyond the name, the trailer also introduces us to Professor X (played by Patrick Stewart), who has aged a lot now just like Logan (and Patrick is going to play X for the last time). There’s X-23 too in the story; it’s the Wolverine clone that is one of the only surviving mutants on the planet.

The whole trailer of ‘Logan’ makes it clear that this is a grim and violent old-style western movie with a somber attitude. Hugh Jackman looks like an old Hugh Jackman with a rugged look and an intimidating beard. The Red Band trailer of ‘Logan’ has got some extra shots, including the most gruesome claw kill by Wolverine we have ever seen. It’s definitely going to be an R-rated action film with lots of fights and deaths.


Talking about the story of the film, it’s the story of ‘Old Man Logan’ in a world that has got only a few mutants left. Apparently set in the year 2033, this film will reveal how Logan has still got his healing abilities but ones that are lesser effective now and are aging with him. His face and body look scarred from some injuries he occurred in the past. Nathaniel Essex, with his Reavers, defeated X-Men and caused a great deal of worldly destruction. Professor Charles Xavier is one of the very few surviving mutants, but he has the Alzheimer’s now. Logan’s last aim ever will be to protect X-23 (Laura, the Wolverine Clone) while finding a way to defeat Essex.

One look at the ‘Logan’ trailer and you can tell that the movie will still be a superhero movie but is a different type of genre. Let’s just hope the film is as good as the trailer and delivers what it promises.

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