Logan or the Wolverine has been the most anticipated character of the X-men series right from the beginning. The heartbreak, the silence of his supreme power, the support in his inevitable decorum, and above all the metal claws that will rip anything apart. After observing the success of independent Wolverine movies, the makers time and again decided to give their fans a sporadic treat. And the coming year 2017, will have Logan play a very different role who will have a very distinguished ambition. The movie, as the trailers demonstrate, is having a western appeal to itself and will also have what other movies of X-men doesn’t have, i.e. a kid, that too alongside with Logan.


But as the spoiler of X-men has released, we are here to disclose something that the fans of Logan haven’t noticed. The spoilers suggest, that the movie is set around a suburban house where Charles Xavier and Logan are teamed up to protect X23 from Pierce. As the scene continues, Logan is seen outside the Reaver house with Charles and his claws out, we are assuming here that the house is attacked by Pierce men and both the mighty X-men are gearing themselves to say X23.

The movie, as the trailer announces, will showcase, Charles Xavier dead and Logan will be taking him to the hospital, a mere attempt to save. But the death of Xavier has happened many times in the X-men series. Post this, it is assumed that Logan will save X23 and would end up killing all of the gang of Pierce. During most of the movie, our personal inference is that the movie is majorly about redemption, which in our lovely Logan or the wolverine the most accomplished at. Just can’t wait for the movie.


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