Over the years, those little computers sitting inside your pocket have grown powerful enough to run the desktop-grade software. Samsung introduced DeX earlier this year to leverage this prowess of their newly announced Galaxy S8 to run a desktop. Taking this a step further, the company has announced that your smartphone will soon be able to run Linux distributions.

Linux Distros Coming to Samsung Smartphones Via Dex

A lot of such technologies have been in the market but the experience was never as smooth as the Samsung DeX. The users only need to connect their phones to the Dex which will then be connected to a monitor along with keyboard and mouse to give you a full computer experience. And the best part is that the DeX Station costs just $150.

This technology is in its initial stage and needs a lot of work to be able to work as a full-blown desktop PC. The application called “Linux on Galaxy” is a step in that direction and it will allow the Linux enthusiast to run a number of Linux distributions using your Samsung Galaxy smartphones itself. This has been designed particularly for the developer community that can make use of their smartphone and DeX to code either using their phone or on desktop PC.

Samsung is developing this application to ensure a seamless experience across your phone and then to the desktop via DeX. The Linux on Galaxy will be installed on your Galaxy S8  as a normal app and the developers can work on their phone itself while on-the-go. And when the need is, they can seamlessly switch to the PC mode and continue writing the code.

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As of now, only the DeX Station is available from Samsung that you can make use of for running basic desktop applications. The Linux on Galaxy application is still under development and will be available quite soon. The people who are interested in this application or want to know more about it can sign up on Samsung’s website to get updates on the latest developments.