LG and Samsung are certainly among the bigger compatriot competitors in the smartphone business also it comes without saying that both firms possess lots of similar goods, the aim of which is always to stand from the ones of the competition – Samsung has got the Galaxy S flagships and Galaxy Note phablets while LG owns the G series of smartphones devices as well as G Pro for phablets (latter might get axed); and last, although not the very least, both of these South Korea-based giants have likewise-looking Android Wear gizmos.

If the gossip mill will be believed, LG and Samsung might end up having similarly-named input accessories, as LG has apparently filed a trademark application to get a “G Pen”, presumably a fresh stylus which may result within an approaching phablet. LG has a few stylus-enabled handsets, the most recent of which is the midrange LG G3 Stylus.

What is more, it appears that LG has additionally filed in a trademark application for “G Scrawl”, which completely seems like a Smart Select-like software feature which may be properly used alongside using the G Pen. On the other hand, there’s no clear word that LG will certainly produce a G Pen stylus in the near future.

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