The much talked about and latest smartphone G4 from LG is facing touch screen issues. According to a current trending thread on XDA, the LG G4 is not recognising the swipes and speedy taps thus averting the Knock On and Knock Code features to work as they should be.

lg g4 rear leather cover in various colors

According to a poll on the same issue on XDA, 60% people till now have confirmed to have been facing these issues. According to a IiamR, a senior developer at XDA, following video exhibit the problem:

You can follow the simple steps as mentioned to check whether your LG G4 has been facing the same issue or not:Open dialler -> Type 277634#*# (to open a Service Menu) -> Select Device Test -> Service Menu – Manual Test -> Touch Draw Test – Manual and then touch, tap, knock and slide on to your G4 screen. You will notice a red mark if your smartphone fails to record a particular action.


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