Unlike other manufacturers like Samsung who haven’t been able to roll-out the latest Android 6.0 Marshmallow to their latest flagships, LG seems to be very eager to update its LG G4. We have been hearing a lot about the G4’s Marshmallow update, and looking at all the recent developments, the speed with which the update is moving is really quick. A lot of regions and also US carriers have started rolling out the update already. Today, we have got some news for the LG G4 and LG G3 owners.

Android 6.0 Marshmallow as launched in October last year, and LG was the first to provide the update to its flagship, the LG G4. It was the first non-Nexus Marshmallow update, which tells us that LG is capable of rolling out the updates soon for its other devices as well. The update has reached US Cellular and Sprint in the US, and also T-Mobile, AT&T, and Verizon in Canada. The first LG G4 Android 6.0 update was provided in December in the US by Sprint.

So we already know that the Marshmallow update is coming to the LG G3 and LG G4 in other countries. AT&T and Verizon users of the G4 are still waiting for the update, but Canadian mobile carrier TELUS has provided a suggestive update recently that sheds some light on the matter. The carrier updated its roadmap for the Android Marshmallow release, and the list included the LG G3 and G4. The LG G3 will get the update by mid-March (March 14th), while the LG G4 will get it by 1st February. (Update report for LG G3 at bottom)

lg g4 and lg g3 android marshmallow release date

Do note that the above information provided in TELUS’ roadmap is meant only for one carrier out of the US, but it is possible that it might be meant for the US itself. But we know that this update will now reach the Canadian carriers, and the unlocked version in other regions might also get the update soon if not in February. But at least we know that LG is indeed working hard on delivering the Android 6.0 update quickly to its G3 and G4 flagships.

We’ll keep you updated, so stay tuned!

Update : LG G3 Android Marshmallow roll-out has been started by the Verizon.


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