In the mid of last month, it was reported that the Android 6.0 Marshmallow update will roll-out for the LG G3 smartphone during 16th and 18th December. It seems that the update is now almost ready to start, as it has passed the testing phase and the company has released the open source code for it.

The update is yet to be started, but our eyes will be looking for the reports from Poland, which is LG’s favorite place to start the soak test. As you can see in the screenshot below, the phone passed the testing phase is an international variant of the LG G3 with model number D855. Other models may take some more time to get the latest Android flavour.

lg g3 marshmallow update
For those who are not aware, the LG G4 has already received the Marshmallow update few weeks ago. The update file rolled-out to the G4 was approximately 1.5GB, that means the LG G3 will also receive the file with a similar size. So be ready to get a free Wi-Fi corner for downloading the hefty update.

If you have already received an update notification, do not miss to share with us. As soon as we will get the more details on the update, we will publish here. Stay tuned.


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