As per the expectation and a report received last week, LG G Stylo and LG Leon LTE are on sale by T-Mobile.  However through Sprint, G Stylo made its debut in the American market sometime back.

LG Stylo
LG Stylo

Now both can be ordered by postpaid customers of T-Mobile. G Stylo will be available in 24 EMI’s of US$ 12.08 which totals upto US$289.92 whereas Leon will be available in 24 EMI’s of US$ 6.24 which totals upto US$149.76. For both the devices there is no upfront payment required.

Leon will be offered free to prepaid customers of T-Mobile, for a plan of US$ 40 per month. Initially, one has to pat US$ 50 at checkout and that amount will be paid back as a promotional discount.


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