Reports from South Korea indicate that LG has decided to enter the mobile payment industry, following recent trends from Samsung and Google.

According to ETNews, LG has applied for trademark of ‘G Pay’ both in South Korea and the US.  LG made this movement probably due to pressure from competitors, as many other major phone industry gurus have already established a similar service, like Samsung Pay.

LG nexus 5 2015

It is not yet known whether this service will only be available in the US and South Korea or perhaps in other regions of the world too. The speculations of this mobile service were confirmed at the beginning of October when LG’s executive director, Kim Jong Hoon has announced LG’s aims to create a payment service.

LG is hopefully planning on creating a service that meets the standards of its competitors, but we are slightly concerned with the possible flaws in mobile security nowadays, with tons of reports on smartphones getting hacked regardless of platform.

Hopefully along with the development of the payment service, LG will also pay attention on security (a lot of attention). We don’t want hackers leeching on our mobile cash account do we?

As for the name, ‘G Pay’ sounds slightly rushed and even awkward. We are well-convinced that a better name could have been thought of for such a big company.


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