Not wanting to be left behind, LG is offering its own deals and promotions for electronics, smartphones, home appliances and other products. This year Black Friday sees deals on LG G5, LG V20 and LG G4 – all great phones with powerful specs. The deals offered by LG are however dependent on the carrier you select. LG’s own online store, T-Mobile, Sprint, AT&T, and Verizon are all offering attractive deals on LG models. Once in a year, Black Friday gives you the opportunity to buy consumer electronic devices and smartphones at throw-away prices. Have no regrets and make the best of what LG has to offer!


LG Online Store

Unlocked LG G4 + 32GB microSD + leather back + extra leather back for replacement is available for just $239 on LG’s online store.


T-Mobile is offering the free B&O Play with LG V20. This is the only promotion we know of from T-Mobile so far.


Sprint is offering flat $200 off for trading in your phone. It’s offering free B&O Play earbuds with LG V20 purchases. The LG G5 is available for just $288, of course with a new line.


AT&T has several promotions ongoing. It offers up to $200 discount on the LG V20. To avail this discount, you have to trade in your phone. Like Sprint and T-Mobile, AT&T is also offering B&O Play earbuds with all LG V20 purchases. If you are a DirecTV customer, you can buy an LG G5 or V20, add a new line and get up to $695 in discounts. Also, if you buy LG G5 or V20, you can get LG G Pad X 10.1 for just $0.99. That’s a steal!


Verizon is also offering B&O Play earbuds for LG V20 purchases. Verizon is offering higher discounts for trading in your phones – $300. You can also get to have LG Stylo 2 V for $1 a month when you buy LG V20.

Why wait? Head out and grab your LG Black Friday deal right now!


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