Xiaomi is the No.1 smartphone maker in China for the second quarter. A couple of days back, a report was published by researcher Canalys that revealed that Apple was overtaken by all other smartphone makers in China during the second quarter. Presently, the latest report from Sina makes use of a completely different method to obtain different rankings. According the report published by Sina, Xiaomi maintains its position as the top manufacturer in during second quarter with a market share of 31.7% on handset shipments in the country. That indicated a drop of 3.5 percentage points compared to that of last year’s second quarter.

Xiaomi is the top smartphone manufacturer in China for the second quarter

The next on the record was Honor brand belonging to Huawei with a 21% share of the market. That showed a growth of 4.2 percentage year-over-year. The rest of Huwei brands all together recorded a share of 3.3% of the second quarter shipments in China, and came at the eighth position. Altogether, Huawei accounted for 24.3% of smartphone export in China amid the three months, which might have led to a second position on the list.
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Maybe the remarkable surprise was the major gain made by LeTV. Smartphones with the high specifications like the LeTv Max boosted the company’s share of the Chinese market from a low 0.1% during the last year’s second quarter to 4.5% this year. That shifted LeTV to the fifth place on the list of the largest shippers of smartphones in China last quarter. According to Sina’s reports, Apple was slightly leading LeTV with 4.9% of the market share. Meizu came in the third place with a 9.8% share.

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The rankings show how unstable the market is in China. A company like LeTV, that was not so popular a year ago, is not struggling for a fifth position with Apple on the rankings.