Samsung will be bringing in the market a toned-down variant of its flagship chipset Exynos 8890. The new SoC would be called the Exynos 8870 and will feature Mongoose 64-bit ARMv8 cores. The only difference will be the lower clock speeds. This news is hot and fresh, but we have already received a rumor that Lenovo would be using this chip in a phone that would be released this year.

exynos 8870

We initially got to know that the Meizu Pro 6 might get the Exynos 8870 chipset. And now it is being said that a Lenovo phone in 2016 will sport this SoC that is said to offer Snapdragon 820-like performance. And even though the 8870 might not be as powerful as the 8890, but the Exynos 8870 still offers flagship-grade performance.

Though Samsung or any other third parties have not confirmed the existence of the Exynos 8870 or the rumored Lenovo phone using the chip, but this speculation still sounds very realistic and acceptable. Also, Samsung is said to be producing new chips (possible the Exynos 7650 and Exynos 7880) for third-party sales. Looks like the company is all set to compete with Qualcomm aggressively in 2016.


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