With the launch of LeMax, LeTV has now become a recognized Chinese smartphone manufacturer. The LeMax is a 6.33-inch phone powered by Qualcomm’s SD810. However, it looks like this was not enough for the manufacturer and they want to take a giant leap with the launch of LeMax 2, which is presumed to be powered by the Snapdragon 820.

LeMax2LeMax 2, unlike its predecessor, will not only be a mean machine but also a beauty to drool for, since it is expected to come in an attractive and unique design. It will feature a double glass design, which will make it smarter than ever before.

Also, users will be able to use the Quick Charge 3.0 feature, which can charge the smartphone up to 80% from a zero point in just 35 minutes. This is because the device is powered by the SD820. However, there are chances that the battery will be bigger than usual, which means it will need more time to charge.

Alleged images of the rear of the LeMax 2 show four holes on the flip side; this makes it an interesting device to look forward to. As per our estimates, the bigger hole on the top right corner will be for a rear camera with a high MP sensor, while the hole present next to it may be for a flash light. The third hole can be a microphone, and the last may be a fingerprint scanner. However, we can’t be sure about anything until it is officially confirmed.

Considering these features, it must be kept in mind that the LeMax 2 will be costlier than the LeMax. However, we will have to wait for the official prices to be announced to be sure. Until then, keep visiting MobiPicker!