The new Legend of Zelda is already turning heads with its new approach to gameplay. The game is more open with emphasis on exploration. As the initial trailer shows, the environments are really large with a ton of activities from crossing lakes using a magic stick to taming and riding a wild horse.

Just recently Nintendo also teased some new weapons Link will be able to use aside from his signature sword and shield. These include hand-to-hand weapons with a power attack that, when fully charged, can deal massive damage to more than one enemy in proximity. These close quarter weapons include a long sword, axe, and a magic wand that can too fireballs.

Solving puzzles is also central to the game and it appears puzzles can have different solutions based on how you approach them. Link can use magic to cross rivers by raising ice blocks from them. He can also find hidden treasure at the bottom of the lake and acquire it using magic. There also appear to be glowing orbs that he can throw at large groups of enemies to knock them all out at once. The video also shows Link tossing explosive barrels at enemies.

legend of zelda
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Ranged weapons are also included in the game and Link can be seen using bow and arrow to attack his enemies from afar. Player also has the option to choose between different arrow types and use the environment to sustain maximum damage. The different arrow types include fire arrows and ice arrows that freeze enemies in their tracks. Players can use different combinations of arrows to deal even more damage like an ice attack followed by a fire attack to wipe the enemy out instantly.

Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is set to release for Nintendo’s new console, the NX, as well as the Wii. Stay tuned to MobiPicker regarding more LoZ news and stuff.


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