Most of you Zelda: Breath of the Wild players would definitely be familiar with Kilton. For those who aren’t, Kilton is a mysterious guy who sets up his vendor on various spots in the world of Hyrule. Kilton mainly deals in Monster parts and has his own currency known as “Mon” in the game. Kilton is not your normal vendor guy; he only is interested in “buying” various Monster parts from you. This makes Kilton’s Vendor a little bit different than the others that you’ll find in the game. What makes Kilton a worthwhile character actually is his Unique Items and post main Quests. Here’s a quick follow-up of Kilton’s location, the items he sells, and all that he offers for all the late game players in Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

Where to Find Kilton in Zelda: Breath of the Wild – A Guide to Fang and Bone

If you follow the map in the image below, you’ll definitely be able to find Kilton in the game. But reaching down to his vendor is quite a tricky job. So, the better way to start off your journey to Kilton’s vendor is to find a route to the Ancient Akkala Tech Lab. Once you’ve located the Tech Lab, head to the west and reach down to the Red Lake. Once you are there, Look for the Tall Spire that comes out of the right eye of the Skull Lake towards the Zuna Kai Shrine. Climb over it, and find a spot from where you can see Kilton. Keep in mind that Kilton keeps on moving so don’t waste the time sightseeing there.

Once you’ve located Kilton, reach down to him and he’ll explain everything about the Fang and Bone store. Remember that you can’t buy anything from Kilton for the very first time you meet him. Instead, if you ant to buy stuff, find him on the outskirts of the villages at a nighttime between 11 pm and 3 am (Hyrule Time). At that time, Kilton will be on the move as usual, so finding him is a bit tricky one again.

The easiest way to find Kilton at that time will be to find a high position and use your finest scouting abilities. According to some players, a better way to spot Kilton is to find the nearest shrine in each village and look for him from the top. For example, the Rito Village offers the easiest spot from where you can spot Kilton. Kilton has a balloon that quite big and colored. A solution to track down Kilton is to take a clean picture from the Compendium and afterward use the upgraded Sheikah Sensor at the times when you are in town late night.

Hateno Village also offers the easiest spot. When in Hateno Village, you’ll find Kilton mostly in the northwest part. All you got to do is to fast travel to Myahm Agama Shrine, head north and look for Kilton’s Hot Air balloon. It’ll be at the edge of a small cliff, and it’s really very hard to miss.

Fang and Bone Guide: The Dark Link Armor and Various Other Items at Kilton’s Vendor

Along with loads of other great items, Kilton offers a beautiful Dark Armor for Link. The Armor is available at Kilton’s every time you visit him, but you can have it once you have completed the Main Storyline. This is the time when you can actually enter into Kilton’s inventory. Kilton’s inventory keeps on changing as well so there is no such schedule for when certain items will be available. So, to keep yourself from disappointment, you should buy any item you want when you see it available in his inventory.

If you are late, you might not see the item again in Kilton’s inventory. And to buy items from Kilton, you must have some monster parts to sell him for the Mon. Once you have Mon, you can shop. In case if you are ready to buy stuff from Kilton, check out the following full list of items available for sale at Kilton’s vendor.

Moster Extract

9 mon
Ingredient for recipes

Wooden Mop

19 mon
Weak spear weapon

Spring Loaded Hammer

199 mon
Weak hammer (but special attack on the fourth swing shoots enemies into the air)

Bokoblin Mask

99 mon
Blend in with Bokoblins

Moblin Mask

199 mon
Blend in with Moblins

Lizalfos Mask

299 mon
Blend in with Lizalfos

Lynel Mask

999 mon
Blend in with Lynels

Monster Bridle

399 mon
Skin for your horse

Monster Saddle

299 mon
Skin for your horse

Dark Hood for Dark Link Set

1,999 mon
Night Speed Up Set Bonus

Dark Tunic for Dark Link Set

999 mon
Night Speed Up Set Bonus

Dark Trousers for Dark Link Set

999 mon
Night Speed Up Set Bonus

Late Game Missions: Kilton’s Fang and Bone Guide

Once you’ve completes the main storyline and you’ve defeated the final boss, you can continue exploring the game world. As the game never ends here, you can explore more parts of the Hyrule world and go on adventures. That’s when you can make a special stop at Kilton’s Fang and Bone Store. On this particular visit to Kilton’s, you can have various types of Monster Medals. Keep in mind that you can have the Monster Medals after the completion of the main Questline. Following are the medals that you can buy from Kilton’s Fang and Bone store.

Medal of Honor: Talus

Total Talus kills: 40

Medal of Honor: Hinox

Total Hinox Kills: 40

Medal of Honor: Molduga

Total Molduga Kills: 4

Follow Up:

That’s everything we know about the Mysterious Kilton and his extraordinary store. Do visit Kilton’s shop every once in a while when you see him because his inventory keeps on changing. That way you will not miss the items that you want so bad. Do let us know about your encounters with the Mysterious Kilton. We’ll love to hear about that.


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