Left 4 Dead 3, the game in which we destroy hordes of zombies along different scenarios, will arrive in 2017 and we also know more information as the name of the new characters.

Now, rumors about its release date and this new information come from Express.co.uk. This medium has explained that the third installment would arrive in 2017, 8 years after Left 4 Dead 2 which was released in 2009. Along with this, have also provided information about the campaign and the main characters. There will be six separate playable campaigns including classics such as No Mercy, Early Destination, Cliff-Hanger, Impasse, Crashland, and Inquisitor Land.


The new characters that will be controlled by the player in this new installment will be three men and a woman. One will Irvine, gangster, another will be a nerd comics called Kennan, another will Garret Jr a fighter of Kenpo and finally be Katherine, the only girl in the game. At the moment, there is no more information about the new game from Valve and is expected to be released in 2017, we have new information on it soon.

Left 4 Dead is one of the sagas of video games like most fans of zombies and the shooter, because it allows us to control one of four characters to choose from and survive over different scenarios to the huge amount of zombies, of various kinds and with its own characteristics, on the screen. To do this, players can make use of various weapons to find as well as elements of the stage. The funny thing is that four people can play together cooperatively and multiply the fun.

What we know about ‘Left 4 Dead 3’?

The first information that we know the game is that it was developed by Turtle Rock Studios. This was the company responsible for the first two titles in the series, but has now been Valve commissioned to carry out the project that presumably will come in the next 2017.

Valve has remained silent on the development of the title and has not revealed anything yet. However, he again confirmed that they were working on it when there was a leak in error. A company worker, conceptual ArtistAl Tristan Reidford, published a tutorial in which you could see a folder on your computer with the name of the game.


A playable level, the information was known about the title is that there will be at least six playable campaigns. No Mercy, Early Destination, Cliff-Hanger, Impasse, Crashland and Inquisitor Land are the names of them. Besides classic campaigns, they will be included.

So it has been known, ‘Left 4 Dead 3′ is a prequel to ‘Left 4 Dead 2’. The plot placed months before the second installment. The story takes place at a time when the zombie infection has begun to expand.

Regarding playable characters, we could also learn more about the four protagonists of this new release. There will be four; three men and a woman. So it was learned, including find at Irvine, a gangster, another will be a nerd comics called Kennan, another will Garret Jr a fighter of Kenpo and finally be Katherine , a Caucasian girl of 24 years who will be the controllable only female character of the game. A former employee of Valve dropped the possibility that the inventory system also undergo changes and each character can only carry a specific object.

As for the platforms to be launched, it is assumed that ‘Left 4 Dead 3’ will be released simultaneously for the next generation consoles: PS4 and Xbox One, and PC. It was also leaked that appeared in a benchmark tool that measures the performance of a system or device, HTC Vive, the virtual reality device that uses Steam. This makes one suspect that can be enjoyed with this technology.

What’s new want for ‘Left 4 Dead 3’?

New delivery and arriving players expect new incentives to play, besides the taste for killing thousands of zombies.

Greater deepening in history is one of the main aspects that many users request. The ‘Left 4 Dead’ saga has not been characterized by having a grand narrative in his works. Many are calling for more emphasis in its history. How this zombie apocalypse and the consequences it has had are interesting aspects to learn arose. Something that goes beyond the brief cutscenes each title included only the beginning.


In relation to the previous point, it is also claimed that deepens in the controllable characters . In previous releases, only the characters were different models with different voices and expressions and a brief description of each. ‘Left 4 Dead 3’ it is a good opportunity to learn more about them throughout the campaign and empathize with them. It would also be fun that could beaesthetically customized with different unlockable items.

Leaving aside the narrative aspect and focus on what playable, fun ‘Left 4 Dead 3’ will be to kill many zombies. That is why we also like to see, in addition to the classic enemies, see new types of undead. Sure Valve will include new enemies, but users expect not put aside the old ones.

With regard to weapons, it would be interesting to introduce a system of creation and improvements thereof. Allow a closer zombie apocalypse experience that is not easy to find loose weapons and would need to collect various materials to build us a new shotgun.

And more explorable open world scenarios. This is one of the demands that have claimed more players. The maps in the series have been characterized by quite large, but often tend to be very linear. Introduce more open space, with the possibility of meeting the objectives of exploring different ways and allow the scenarios, the title would provide a deeper gameplay. Even host side quests. For example, discover a hidden survivor in a house us to undertake some kind of order. Thus, to accomplish we could find out more about its history.

This is all the information we have about ‘Left 4 Dead 3’ and some of the demands of the community. For the launch of the title, how would you like it to be this new release? What would want them to change or incorporate?


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