A few months from entering the Indian market through its range of smartphone devices, LeEco, the Chinese Electronics maker, is already planning to start selling Virtual Reality headsets as well as smart TVs in India by the beginning of June 2016.

LeEco plans selling VR headset India
Image: hindustantimes.com

LeEco, F.K.A. “LeTV”, is a new investor in the Indian market. It only entered the country this month through the launch of two smartphones, Le1s and Le Max which are priced at Rs. 10,999 and Rs. 32.999, respectively.

LeEco’s VR headset, Le 3D Helmet, which was launched in China in September 2015, will come equipped with a 5.5 inch, 2K resolution screen with a 70-degree field of view.

Atul Jain, India Chief Operating Officer of LeEco, declined to disclose the price of the company’s VR device.

“I’m actually expecting a much bigger (registration) number by the time the flash sales begin.” Jain said.

LeEco has received more than 300,000 registrations for a flash sale on the phones scheduled for the 2nd of February 2016. According to the e-commerce website, Flipkart, “LeEco doesn’t expect any supply problems fulfilling that number of demand even if all those registrants convert into customers.”

The company’s China-based rivals, OnePlus and Xiaomi, had faced problems as demand outstripped supply, leading to a delay in deliveries. Jain commented on that by saying;

“LeEco sells roughly half a million smartphones in China every month, there is a huge amount of production capacity available.”

Jain’s words confirm what was said in Flipkart website.

Other plans of LeEco in India might include other products such as Netflix-like streaming service and electric cars.