Lee Sung Kyung, the South Korean model and actress who is now famous for playing the role as the titular character in Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo is the news for expressing how much she adores fellow actress and her close friend Kim Go Eun. During a recent interview, the actress talked about the drama Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo and said she was happy to be playing a character that the script revolved around. The actress revealed that she had to go through expressing hurtful emotions all the time with her past characters.

image source: dramafever; kdramastars
image source: dramafever; kdramastars

Lee Sung Kyung expresses love for Kim Go Eun

When asked about what she feels about her fellow actress and her close friend Kim Go Eun, the actress said – “Kim Go Eun? She’s the epitome of lovableness”. The actress didn’t stop at that; she went to on to share a story about Kim Go Eun’s innocence. According to Lee Sung Kyung, Kim Go Eun’s reaction to her kiss scene with Nam Joo Hyuk was very innocent and adorable. “Even though she was busy filming ‘Goblin’, she still called me to say, ‘Family shouldn’t be doing things like that! What are you two doing?!’ Kim Go Eun is truly an innocent and adorable friend”, the actress added.

She was also quite playful when she faked her jealousy about Kim Go Eun’s adorable acting skills. “Kim Go Eun is showing just how cute she is with her acting in this drama. It’s the cuteness only I should be seeing. I’m worried someone might snatch her away. I demanded her to show that kind of adorableness only to me”. But she did finish off the interview by praising her fellow actress, adorable and innocent close friend Kim Go Eun.


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