Lee Min Ho, a name in the Korean entertainment industry which everyone knows about. He is smart, he is good looking, he is charming, he is totally kissable, he is a brilliant actor and he is Lee Min Ho. The man is a legend in himself and for many years have kept every girl awaiting his appearance on television. His acting career is like a movie in itself, he has done drama and movies which have earned a lot and have also earned his a lot of fame in a short span of time.

screenshot from the YouTube video given below

So since his career is acting, we here today enlist the number of sensational kisses he has done in his on-screen life so far:

1. A kiss with Song Yejin in Personal Taste: A kiss done in an act to calm the other is the hottest kiss of all times. Min Ho kissed the girl because he wanted her to chillax and that was also the time where he grew in character.

2. A kiss with Kim Jisoo in Gangnam Blues: We tag this kiss as the steamiest kiss of all times. The environment, the mood, the talk and above all Lee Min Ho just called for it and the result was hot.

3. A kiss with Park Shin Hye in Heirs: A kiss coming out in a dark room, done in all inbuilt passion and storm of emotions just floods in like crazy, this kiss was the blazing of all times in Korean cinema. Way to go Lee Min Ho.

Well, in our list we only jot down the three, but if fans have any different suggestion, then feel free to comment here as we shall add it to the kiss list (*Wink*) of Lee Min Ho.



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