Leaving Lyndow is an up and coming adventure game being produced by Eastshade Studios. Some of you may have heard about the developers before. It is the same organization that is taking a shot at an investigative game called Eastshade. For the individuals who don’t know about Eastshade, it is an investigative game. The game recounts an account of a voyaging painter. You will play as a painter going the world over painting your environment and offering your fine arts in return for valuable information.

Leaving Lyndow
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Leaving Lyndow Is The New Game From Eastshade Studios

As per the organizer of Eastshade Studios, the first game is still in the early development stage. Leaving Lyndow is a short first person adventure game that will put you in the Eastshade universe. With this game, developers need to give an idea of what’s in store for you in the Eastshade universe. The objective is to get heard by more and more players and to raise more finances for the development. Studio author Danny Weinbaum stated, “Rather than offering individuals a guarantee, we could offer you a genuine game.”

Leaving Lyndow is a short, first-person adventure game. It is set in the Eastshade universe. You will play as a college graduate named Clara. The official description peruses, “It’s Clara’s last day on the island where she grew up. With high honors, she’s graduated and fulfilled her childhood dream of joining the Guild of Maritime Exploration. She needs to complete preparations, visit her favorite places, and say her goodbyes. She needs to do all this before leaving on a journey she may not return from.”

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