League of Legends’ Taric has a rework now and he looks absolutely fantastic. There’s also quite a bit of new information on Taric now, thanks to the new comic titled The Ascent that is available over at the official site.

Taric Shield of Valoran

Before, Taric’s lore was that he was from a different world, but now, Taric’s lore now makes him a Demacian climbing Mount Targon, fighting the ghosts of naysayers and doubt until he is asked by a cloaked Targonian why he doesn’t just run away, to which he answers “never again”. Taric also now has a new champion title, going from Gem Knight to “Shield of Valoran”. His shield and hammer have also been replaced by a three-pronged mace. In the comic, you can see him discarding his hammer and shield in order to scale the snowy mountain.

The splash art pictured above was originally found in the game’s source code, but the folks over at Riot noticed the fans looking at it and decided to release it officially. Clearly, Taric has his share of fans. No champion has ever looked so… fabulous before.

What do you think of the new Taric and his lore? What do you think of his change of equipment? Do you find him hot? Let us know in the comments below.


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