Riot has banned Renegades, Team Impulse and Team Dragon Knights from all Riot-sanctioned League of Legends competitions in the future, and have been given ten days to sell their spots in the Championship/Challenger Series, Twinfinite reports. The rulings are all separate, but came at the same time.

League of Legends Championship Series

The ruling concerning Team Impulse states that the team repeatedly failed to pay their players on time and also did not provide valid contracts for their players. Riot intervened, but failed to bring about a change, and so has taken the final step and declared Team Impulse as not meeting “League standards for a professional organization”.

Meanwhile, Renegades have been banned for three offences: violating the competitive ban against Chris Badawi, misrepresenting their relationship with Team Dragon Knights and compromising player welfare and safety. TDK and Renegades were found to be in violation of competitive integrity, including co-mingled finances.

Badawi has been abnned from “any association or affiliation with a team in a Riot-sanctioned league”, while owner Christopher Mykles has been banned from holding a team position for a year. Meanwhile, TDK owners Chris Shim and Sean Shim are also banned from affiliating with any team, although they may choose to apply for reinstatement in 2019.

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