MOBAs are a fairly intimidating bunch when it comes to winning over beginners. Despite this, they’ve managed to become the biggest genre in recent years. Now, League of Legends has made itself even more accessible to beginners by removing tier one runes, and making tier two runes cost less.


Traditionally, new players had to grind to earn Influence Points (IP), which could be used to buy runes. While runes don’t matter much when you start off, they become crucial as you go up the ranks. According to the new rules, tier one runes are gone entirely, while tier two runes will now only cost 1 IP. What’s more, Riot Games actually wanted to make them free of cost, but couldn’t because of the way the store is coded.

Riot has also made other changes affecting the game, such as cutting in half the total experience needed to reach level 30, as well as discounting the most essential tier three runes. With these moves, it certainly does look like Riot cares about its new players, and it makes sense that they do. New players are the most valuable ones, after all.

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