League of Legends is implementing the 10-ban system and that has got players all riled up. 10 are too much. We think 8 would have been enough. Now they can out ban any lane, which will be abused so hard in high Elo.

league of legends patch 6.18
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10-ban system coming to League of Legends

We will at least see some new, relatively low play rate champs being picked. Also, if a champ is toxic, or has an unbalanced kit, this will encourage Riot to fix their crap up faster. Also, in lower elos, Zed or any assassin for that matter will never see the light of day. Ban the 5 strongest adcs and if you are lucky your adc has first pick and he can take the best adc without leaving the enemy much of a choice to pick. Sounds great doesn’t it?

DotA has 22 fewer heroes than League of Legends has champions, and has had 10 bans since 2010, back when it had even fewer heroes. If anything, the fact that it will out ban any lane, will get Riot off their lazy bums and maybe bring viability back to more champions, instead of the 20 top tier champs we see nearly every game.

If you’re an ADC main you should still be able to pick up what remains. Although, yes, you’ll probably have to rely on your team all picking their best champs and carrying you a bit. Remember, if they do this they leave all four of your lanes wide open for a Yasuo, Jax, Morgana, etc pick.

The tweet was first reported by PvP Live, you can check them out and read about the 10-ban in more detail. League of Legends is a multiplayer online battle arena video game developed and published by Riot Games for Microsoft Windows and OS X. Stay tuned to MobiPicker for more news.


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