No man’s sky is hated because of lack of content and the false advertising they used. Not to mention the fact that they didn’t mention it wouldn’t work for computers with Intel graphics until after the games release and then they said they wouldn’t make it work for Intel. All of which, like a lot of Hello Game’s comments, have been deleted by them and they have gone into back track mode. In other words, they are keeping away from their own game, and we wouldn’t be surprised if they just all got up and walked away, retired in their pools of cash. But now we’re hearing credible rumors about a PS4 Pro update coming to No Man’s Sky.

no man's sky update
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Could No Man’s Sky be getting a PS4 Pro update soon?

Gamenguide reports the existence of a PS4 update in the works for No Man’s Sky. Could that be related to the new PS4 Pro because that is the only reasonable area to make improvements in. The people who paid $60 for the game, expected a finish product which they did not receive. Shawn Layden said “sometimes, they don’t get all the way there in the first go”. This confirms that Sony Interactive Entertainment Worldwide Studios does not believe “No Mans Sky” and Hello games delivered what they advertised. The question is why should consumers have to pay for it?

Shawn speaks well, puts on the business face, but he seems disingenuous, corporate and uses a lot of lingo that doesn’t mean a lot but sounds swell. PlayStation still misses Jack Tretton on stage and hasn’t found a suitable face to replace him yet. Adam Boyes really didn’t fill that slot either. The best person on stage for Sony now surprisingly is Mark Cerny. At least he would have clarified a lot regarding the No Man’s Sky debacle and what it means for the game on the PS4 Pro.

No Man’s Sky is an ambitious PS4 space exploration title whose creator mistakenly attempted to simultaneously develop a PC version with insufficient staff. He should have just stick to his original contract with Sony and brought the game out in June 2016 and left doing the PC version until late 2017 when it could have taken advantage of Scorpio.

  • What “false advertising”? Accusations are not facts.

    • Al

      I’m a long term player and enjoying the serenity of the game, but, it does lack content. Not in size, but in things to do. It’s repetitive, the planets, buildings and animals are repetitive.
      What it needs is gameplay content.
      That said, as a do pretty much nothing sandbox game, it works, but it has no real goal or any mission structure to speak of. This us what it needs.

      • I’ve been playing the game since August 9th, and I have yet to see the same planet or animal twice. So the notion that it’s repetitive in that regard is nonsense. As for goals and mission structure, it was never advertised as having either. It was always advertised as a niche game that would appeal to players who wanted a pure sandbox discovery game. As such, it needs nothing more than what it has. It was never meant to be for everyone. If you think it lacks goals and mission structure, maybe you’re forcing yourself to play a game that is not meant for you.

        • Al

          You misunderstand me, I have played it since launch day and continue to do so. I enjoy the game, but it is becoming repetitive. Regardless I will continue to play and hunt to the Atlas Pass V2 I so badly want.
          However, as Venaborn’s comment, there is a rather comprehensive list of features that were promised and not provided at release many of which would create more to do. Also you can see from the language used in the game, and other resources that are clearly stated to be used for particular activities, but cannot, suggests there was more to this game.
          I believe it is merely a case of being released before it was at the level Hello Games wanted, but, I also continue to believe that a large patch is on the horizon that will bring it closer to their original image.

          I have also yet to see the same plant and animal, but, I have seen very, very similar planets and animals and flora, and the repetitive aspect isn’t directly from this, but rather what there is available to do and see on each of these planets. Visually it’s lovely, activity wise it’s restricted.

          But understand, I do enjoy it, I just understand that this is not the finished product as originally suggested. I feel there is more to come here.

          • All games become repetitive. Have you ever played a game that wasn’t? Sean Murray even said that parts of the game would be boring.

            The one thing the human mind excels at is spotting patterns. All games must be made up of patterns – that is the only way they can get made. You are criticizing the game for failing to achieve infinite diversity in terms of content – something that is physically impossible.

          • Al

            Perhaps my messages have come across too harsh in regards to criticism towards the game. That’s not my intention. As previously mentioned, I do enjoy it, and I do still play it. If I was not a fan I would have given up already.
            Where is the boring quote from Sean? I missed that one?
            I’m not looking for infinite diversity, if we use your Chess analogy the difference here is a direct and succinct goal, and a competitor. No Man’s Sky doesn’t have either of these, which is part of the charm in a way, but instead you are a tiny Chess piece on an infinite board. The buildings and items therein certainly provide you with kit and updates as you progress, initially giving purpose to their placements, but soon you get all the available upgrades, and add-ons that you can craft which makes them redundant. I actually avoid the majority of landing sites because there is nothing there for me. Mining and selling and outposts are the real goal now.
            This gives me something to do, but it has further reduced what is available in the game.
            I don’t mind that the building looks the same, but they no longer have purpose. In Chess all pieces retain a purpose and strategy, they never become redundant and should never be ignored.
            I just feel there is more that could be achieved here with the minor inclusion of missions. Find me these resources, locate this animal, find this ship and return this item. The game doesn’t need to be dramatically changed to incorporate this, and it would refresh it with exploration and purpose.

    • Venaborn

      You gotta be kidding me. This game is nothing more than shadow compared to what
      Sean Murray promised it will be. Perhaps that the reason why both he and Hello Games just vanish from face of the Earth.
      Here is list of missing freatures which were promised.
      planetary physics
      ship classes with meaningful differentiation
      faction reputation with meaningful gameplay impact
      homogenous resource availability
      asteroid landings
      space station and fleet destruction
      large fleets
      traveling freighters
      large scale battles the player can join
      in-atmosphere battles
      NPCs outside trading posts and other docks
      ringed planets
      sand planets
      flying between stars (as opposed to warping via the Galactic interface)
      complex creature behaviour including environmental interaction
      points of interest such as large structures and crashed freighters
      hacking locked doors
      radio chatter
      interaction with other players
      Every single one promised it will be in game, on release day. Where are they ?

      • If this game is nothing more than shadow, what you’re comparing it to is your delusions and false expectations of what you thought it might be. It is precisely the game Sean Murray promised it would be.