Facebook users mostly access the site on their smartphones nowadays, and even statistics explain that the number of users browsing Facebook on their PCs is much less than the number of mobile users. And a large number of those users access Facebook via the official Facebook app for Android.

The free-to-download Facebook app brings the whole Facebook website in just one comprehensive screen containing all the features of the web version of Facebook. You get to check out and share stories and post. You can upload photos and videos and comment and like on others’ stuff. You can edit your profile, chat with friends (using the Facebook Messenger), and do much more.

facebook android app

In order to enjoy Facebook smoothly without any glitches, you need to make sure that you keep the app up-to-date by installing app the updates that are sent out by the Facebook app developer team. Another one of such updates has been released today for the Facebook app for Android, and this update bumps up the version number to (21616453). The new Facebook APK download weighs 32.3 MB, and your phone needs to be on Android 4.0.3 or above to be able to install this update.

Do remember that this new Facebook APK is an alpha released and not even a beta, which means that it might contain serious bugs and vulnerabilities. So try it out at your own risk. You can download the latest Facebook APK from apkmirror.com.


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