Last month, we learned that Motorola starting Android Lollipop soak evaluations for primary Moto G.  But since then, there was no official announcement on upgrade. The 2014 apparatus has already been upgraded  to Latest Android Lollipop, while it was made clear that primary Moto G will also be upgraded to Lollipop in near time, however  it was uncertain when. Now, we get a pretty distinct wink that upgrade is coming for sure and owners of Moto G was not been forgotten.

Android Lollipop for Moto G

An update for the Motorola Update Services App made it clear, In its changelog, you can observe that App needs to be upgraded to make it ready for receiving Lollipop. However, how far it is from you, is still unclear.

Hardware-wise, the Moto G that is old continues to be pretty much on-level with this particular year’s iteration of the version. The both versions got a Snapdragon 400 SoC 1 GB RAM. But it doesn’t ends here, there are little differences in display size, Camera and Internal Storage. The 2014 edition got 5 inch display, 8 Mega Pixel Camera, 16 GB internal Storage over last year’s and primary Moto G having 4.5 inch display, 5 MP camera and 8 GB internal storage.

With this kind of upgrade that is minimal, the first Moto G is clearly still fairly important. It is not bad to find out that Motorola is keen to keep its users up-to-date.

We will keep you updated on the matter, when we get something to. Till, Owners of last year’s Moto G can share their excitement here in comments box.