Video games, as a work of art, frequently abstain from making any kind of authoritative position with regards to politics. They can do this in light of the fact that the demonstration of playing a game is a delight unto itself. Besides, the significance behind it is regularly a bit of hindsight. In the event that it was pondered by any stretch of the imagination that is. The Last of Us is not like this. With its profound and impactful story, it had a distinct perspective about the world in which it occurred. Moreover, it discussed our own reality, in a political manner. As indicated by game maker Neil Druckmann, this will continue in The Last of Us Part 2.

the last of us part 2
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The Last Of Us Part 2 will be more political than the past one

Druckmann was reacting to a fan who has since erased his tweet. The general point was about the fan-adored The Last of Us. In any case, they didn’t like how political the game felt. This was particularly valid close to the end of the game. He asked that the group abstain from digging into political issues in The Last of Us Part 2. Druckmann reacted by saying “No can do. Writers work off of their views of the world. For example, the ending of TLoU is very much inspired by my “personal politics.””

It’s a critical and to a great degree legitimate point. The Last of Us was an extremely important venture for Druckmann. He was included in practically every step of the development procedure. Besides, it was this adoration and commitment that presumably set the game apart from such a variety of others. To ask that Druckmann and his group build up The Last of Us Part 2, yet abstain from making any kind of political point, or taking any firm position on vital issues appears to be senseless from numerous points of view.

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