The Last Of US Part 2 trailer was revealed at PlayStation Experience in December. As far back as that the web has been swirling with various speculations. The shared factor in those speculations was the apparent death of Joel. We were sufficiently blessed to at first spot Strange Rebel Gaming Theseus hypothesis. It was, as we would like to think, truly solid. Also, it presented the possibility that Ellie may look for retribution for a significant other. Be that as it may, there is another hypothesis which has come up. Besides, what energizes us is the way that it really has its starting points in the Bible. So right away, how about we get to it.

the last of us part 2
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Could this fan hypothesis be indicating the release date for The Last Of Us Part 2?

The centerpiece of The Last Of Us 2’s trailer is the melody Ellie is heard singing. Presently it might sound somewhat insane. However, this may really fill in as a marker for the game’s release date. To start with, how about we concentrate on the verses in the section of the tune’s verses. You will in a flash observe the similitudes with the tune in the event that you begin from the fourth verse. What it could attempt to tell is what Joel’s part will be in The Last Of Us Part 2. It may allude to the way that Joel may have been grabbed.

There is one other thing that appears to likewise demonstrate that Ellie knows she is really the cure. What’s more, that is the tattoo on her arm. The tattoo on her arm is a greenery leave which can likewise be utilized for pharmaceutical purposes. To put it plainly, it can be utilized as a “cure”. In a few societies, the greenery is additionally connected with wellbeing and life. Thus it could be a typical motion towards the way that Ellie now understands that she was really the cure. The verses that Ellie is stating are really numbered in a way which can be put on a datebook. For this situation, this is entry 23 from Psalms and verse 4. This could imply that the release date could be 4/23/2019.

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