Sony announced The Last of Us Part II today, a sequel to Naughty Dog’s 2013 post-apocalyptic shooter. While we don’t know much about the game yet but a crazy theory circulating the web might explain the entire plot of the game.

the last of us part two
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This crazy plot theory might explain The Last Of Us Part 2

We have a theory as to who “they” are, but it’s really long and messed up. Other fireflies show up afterward at the hospital and find the others who Joel massacred. They find the recordings and tests they ran on Ellie that made Marlene yell at the doctors like she did. Ellie is different from the “others” the recordings referred to because her immune response killed off some of the spores she was infected with. But they replicated and mutated while inside her, otherwise, Riley would have been immunized too.

This means she is the origin of this mutated strain. If they want to develop an immunosuppressant so Ellie’s strain can be dulled down and made into a vaccine they need for compatible stem cells. Ellie is gone. So they track her down to Jackson city and kidnap her. In the running of these tests, they find out she is pregnant. If one of the baby’s parents is immune, they could compare her genome to the other half of her baby’s genome and isolate the source of the immunity. With this, they could develop a gene therapy that could not only keep others from being infected but keep another outbreak from ever happening. They let her go and wait for her to have her baby, and take the baby.

Fireflies are featured in The Last Of Us Part Two trailer, so they are still relevant. Plus Joel obviously didn’t die so there’s a lot to expect from him as well.


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