There is a new leak that pretty much confirms that Naughty Dog are working on “The Last of Us 2”, and we’re here to cover the leak and provide you with new information on what you should be expecting to see in the upcoming installment.

the last of us 2
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What’s going to be new in The Last of Us 2?

Gamenguide makes a very good point about the possibility of a sequel releasing soon. But what will the sequel contain? 2018 release would be amazing. However, we think it’s extremely unlikely. It’s very likely they’ve made some sort of start on their next game. The question is how much, since they’re making Uncharted 4’s DLC as well.

There are official quotes on Beil and Bruce saying that they had ideas for a Last of Us 2, but they put them on hold because they started working on Uncharted 4. The development would be starting after the release of the next Uncharted Story DLC. So no, we won’t see it on 2018 unfortunately.

Less cinematic? Less story ? If we recall the depth of the story is what made TLOU such an amazing game. Of course, more game mechanics and more diverse areas and gameplay would be nice but we feel like we definitely want to explore and see the story in as much depth as the first game.

The Last of Us 2 should be more about what happened right after Joel’s daughter died, and the 20-year skip that wounded up happening. We wanted to see how Joel survived those 20 years. We feel like that 20-year gap could be a possible DLC story for TLOU 2, like they did with “Left Behind”.

We’re sure there are people who would like to see what happens on how Joel and Ellie’s journey continues after they return to Jackson. Like will Ellie eventually find out that Joel lied to her about the fireflies, and if she does will she turn away everything she’s been through with this man and fight on her own, or will she forgive Joel and continue surviving with him? There are many outcomes to this sequel that we’ll just have to wait and see what Naughty Dog brings to the table (If they develop it for sure).


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