Updates on ‘The Last of Us 2’ were highly expected by the video game aficionados to be unveiled at the recent E3 2017 (Electronic Entertainment Expo 2017). A plenty of fans participated in the event with a hope that Naughty Dog, the game developer would share some updates on the game but they were completely disappointed when the reverse happened.

The Last of Us 2
Photo Source: YouTube/The Last of Us 2

Avid Fans of ‘The Last of Us 2’ expected Naughty Dog to either release a new trailer or at least declare the release date of the game. PlayStation Blog awarded the game in January this year in the category of Most Anticipated Game of the Year. But Naughty Dog completely watered all the hopes and expectations of the action-adventure survival horror video game lovers.

According to Inquisitr, Neil Druckmann, the creative director previously sent a sort of assurance via a Twitter post that they were excited to give updates on ‘The Last of Us 2.’ The 38-year old Druckmann was ‘super-excited’ to take game lovers to Ellie and Joel’s next journey, but they wanted to mainly focus on Nadine and Chloe from a new game of Naughty Dog titled Uncharted: The Lost Legacy.’

The tweet by Naughty Dog read: ‘Five minutes to go until the Accessibility: Making Games for All Gamers panel at #PSX16.’

On the other hand, Druckmann also elaborated that he and his Naughty Dog team had a meeting about the release of ‘The Last of Us 2’ and later arrived at a conclusion that PSX would be the perfect podium for the release of the trailer.

The Last of Us 2
Photo Source: YouTube/The Last of Us 2

Some fans and media are of the opinion that the game’s second sequel might be released in December 2017. Naughty Dog earlier unveiled a trailer for the second sequel during 2016 PlayStation Experience and the creative director vowed to release more updates ‘in the coming months.’


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