India has been hit by the largest data breach with over 3.2 Million debit card details being stolen. Hackers were successful in breaking into a Payment Services system with major banks like State Bank of India (SBI), HDFC Bank, ICICI Bank, Axis Bank, and Yes Bank being the worst hit.

Largest Data Breach Ever in India: How To Change Debit Card PIN Online

While the source of the hack is still unknown, the breach is believed to have taken place several weeks ago. Considering the massive scale of breach and amount of time it took to detect it, it is advisable to change your debit card PIN as soon as possible.

For most affected banks, you don’t have to go to the bank branch or even an ATM to change your PIN. You can use net banking to change your debit card PIN online. While SBI debit card holders don’t have the option of changing PIN online, here’s how you can change your HDFC, ICICI, Yes Bank, and Axis Bank debit card PIN online.

How To Change HDFC Bank Debit Card PIN Online:

1. Log into your HDFC Bank net banking account and Select the Cards tab.

2. In Debit Cards menu on left, scroll down and click the ‘Request’ button

3. Next, select ‘Instant PIN Generation’ option >> Change your HDFC Bank debit card PIN.

4. Fill in requisite details [the new PIN number and OTP you received on connected phone]

How To Change ICICI Bank Debit Card PIN Online:

1. Log into your ICICI Bank net banking account and select the My Card Pin option, located on the left

2. Next, choose the ‘change the debit card PIN’ option. Select the active debit card and fill in your CVV number

3. Verify the OTP received on your connected device along with the corresponding letters on the back of your debit card

4. Finally, choose a new PIN code and hit submit

How To Change Axis Bank Debit Card PIN Online:

1. Log into your Axis Bank net banking account, scroll the mouse over the button on the top left and select the ‘My Debit Cards’ option

2. Select your active debit card

3. In More Services, select the ‘Set Debit Card Pin’ option and press Go

4. Now, you can change the PIN by entering a new PIN code, expiry date of the card, and submitting the NETSecure code that you received on the phone

How To Change Yes Bank Debit Card PIN Online:

1. Log into your Yes Bank net banking account. Go over to mySPACE tab on top

2. Select the fourth tab on the top right of the mySPACE widget screen

3. Choose the third option called ‘Debit Card PIN Re-generation/Change’, and choose your preferred debit card from the drop-down menu

4. Enter you card’s validity

5. Next, enter new PIN. Re-enter the new PIN and proceed further

6. You will see a confirmation screen. Click ‘Confirm’ and fill in received OTP

That’s it! We hope this page was helpful. Feel free to add your solutions in the comments section below.


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