Kuromukuro Season 3 Release Date And News: Season 3 Renewed? To Focus On Kennosukea and Yukina’s Love Story

Kuromukuro season 2 ended a few months ago and since then, fans have been eagerly waiting for the next season to arrive. Currently, fans don’t know exactly when the next season will arrive. In fact, they don’t even know whether there will be Kuromukuro season 3 or not.

Many rumors have surfaced regarding Kuromukuro season 3. Some claim that the series won’t get another season, while others claim that season 3 will indeed happen. Because of this, fans have been left with confusion and majority of them are now believing that they won’t see another season of Kuromukuro.

Kuromukuro Season 3 To Not Happen

The first two seasons of Kuromukuro were a big hit. This is currently the very reason why some fans believe that there will be season 3. However, there is no official word on the next season of Kuromukuro. Even Netflix refused to comment on the return of the show, and their silence indicates that Kuromukuro might not get another season.

Kuromukuro Series Plot

The plot of Kuromukuro revolves around a mecha. The series focuses on the attack of the United Nations Research Center. In the series, during the development of the Kurobe Dam, a strange unique artifact was found, which caught the attention of almost everyone. The students of Mt. Tate National Senior High School, the researchers and the pilots teamed up to defend their land against the assaulters.

Kuromukuro Season 3

Kennosuke Tokisada Ouma was later declared the leader of the group. He is a talented samurai and is a very mysterious one. Since he was introduced, fans have been eagerly waiting to know how his life was before the present day. At later stages, Kennosuke teams up with Yukina.

Kuromukuro Season 3 To Focus On The Love Story Of Kennosuke And Yukina 

Now, in Kuromukuro season 3, rumor is that Kennosuke and Yukina will finally fall in love. So along with some other stuff, season 3 will focus on the love story of Kennosuke and Yukina. It would be without any doubt, interesting to see how the two will fight together now that they’re in love. Fans can definitely expect to see some big new surprises in the next season of Kuromukuro.

Kuromukuro Season 3 Release Date

As for now, we currently don’t know exactly when the next season of Kuromukuro will arrive, but if it is indeed happening, then fans can expect it to arrive at the end of 2017. If this is the case, then we will hear something officially regarding it soon.

Let us know if you’re excited for Kuromukuro season 3 or not in the comments below.

  • Isabel

    It would be really wonderful if there was a third season, I’m sure fans would love it. I would particularly love to see kennosukea and Yukina ❤❤


    yes make more of this anime…

  • Nesha930

    I need more of this Anime. Honestly one of my favourites

  • robin

    😛 I actually skip this anime for many times until I subscribe with Netflix and decided to watch it again kind-a reminded me of Gurren Lagann.. non-sense anime but refreshing i like the mecha action that actual story >.<

  • pao

    YES I WANT A KURO MUKURO SEASON 3!!! Just finished the series and it was really great! Hope my wish will come true 😉

  • Emily

    I do not like that they did not plan to make a season 3 in the first place. You should never leave a great anime such as this one and many others in a thrilling way. I personally along with my family would love to see Kennosukea and Yukina get back together after many year of departurment. Please if your reading this make the season to make everyone happy!!!

  • Gyu Joki

    I waiting for 3 seasons??

  • tkdfghtr13

    It would be awesome if they made a third season, cuz the second left us hanging. On top of that there isn’t any manga/comic that we can read the rest to figure out what happens, unlike some other anime.

  • Don W.

    I will cancel my Netflix subscription if they wont make 3rd season..

  • Kennedy

    It’s totally unacceptable to hype season 2 up like this and then not go forward with a season 3. It would be so amazing if there would be a season 3❗️❗️I know everyone, including me, wants to see what happens between Yukina and Kennosuke next ❤️

  • Parker Davis

    Two things:

    1. Season 3 – yes please!

    2. Get better &$?%*@! subtitles!
    (Seriously, they’re so bad they may as well be from another show)

  • Luna White

    I need more of this anime! They should’ve planned on making a third season!!!!!!!!! IT CAN’T JUST END AS IS WITH Yukina and Kennosukea!!!

  • Craig Bruce

    more please

  • Anna Xiong

    Yes! I want a Kuromukuro season 3!! It’s a must!! Please give us a really good hit about kennosuke and yukina~! We all want to to see the battle and romance!!

  • Dakkil Tarugo

    never tired watching Kuromukuro, we the avid
    viewer are very excited to watch the 3rd season. we hope that they will make a lot of seasons like Naruto

  • Romeisa

    Kuromukuro NOWWW!! It would be wonderfull if there was a third season! I’m actually the biggest fan hehe❤❤

  • Hinghamgirl

    Our whole family is awaiting Season 3. We will be very disappointed if there is not a third season and very upset with Netflix for not providing it! This is a fantastic show that we only recently found!

  • Kierra Francois

    OMG! I literally just finished season 2! They definitely need to make a season 3! It would be totally AWESOME…plus NO ONE likes cliff hangers especially one of this magnitude!

  • Miriam

    This is by far one of the meanest cliff hangers ever. I really enjoyed season 1+2, but the end of season 2 has left me unsatisfied. It is ok to perform an open end, but this?
    I must see season 3, I even signed a petition, trying to make Netflix produce it, or else release a movie to properly end the story.

  • Agon Leed

    I’d like…love a season 3 however, it ended on the type of suspense where we could create our own personal true ending.

    I prefer…though I don’t truly want and wish for different, but I prefer, for realism and old school japanese proverbs sake, that they DON’T ever get back together. Kennosuke has adventures in his area and so does Yu.. And they DO think of each other maybe a few attempts, but they eventually give in to harsh fate. And with new family tell stories of their past, which includes each other. AND MAYBE a few generations down, yheir greatest of grandchildren meet with the stories of past handed down. And they realize that the stories ARE honestly of their greatest of grand parents. And both their zeal, personality, and loyalty are the same. AND it’s NOT a gender swap thing. Just the exact same almost. In the sense of Bare bones man vs timid lady.

  • Bluemag

    I really hope that there is a season 3 that show is so good and they left season 2 with such a opening it would be a crime not to make a season 3