Kuromukuro season 2 ended a few months ago, and since then, fans have been eagerly waiting for the next season to arrive. Although fans currently don’t know when the next season will arrive. In fact, they don’t even know whether there will be Kuromukuro season 3 or not. However, various rumors now suggest that season 3 might not happen at all.

Kuromukuro Season 3 To Get Cancelled? 

Currently, many rumors are claiming that there won’t be another season of Kuromukuro. Netflix has been silent about the third season of Kuromukuro, and this suggests that the popular streaming service does not have interest in season 3 of Kuromukuro. However, the first and second season of the anime where a big success, so if the series get cancelled, there must be something else behind it other than low viewership.

Kuromukuro Season 3

Along with this, P. A. Studios has also been quite about Kuromukuro’s next season. P. A. Studios is the producing studio behind this critically acclaimed anime series. So the studio and Netflix not saying anything about Kuromukuro season 3 suggest that they have no interest in continuing the anime. And because of this, fans who were craving for more Kuromukuro are now panicking because they might not get to see Kuromukuro again.

Kuromukuro’s Story Plot

Kuromukuro’s story revolves around a mecha, who attacked the United Nations Research Center without any warning. After an unusual and unique artifact was found while the construction of Kurobe Dam, Geniuses from all over the world decided to gather to examine it. Later on, a group of students from Mt. Tate National Senior High School decided to aid the researchers and pilots in their war against the mecha. The group was led by a very skilled swordsman, Kennosuke Tokisada Ouma.

Kuromukuro Season 3

Kennosuke Tokisada Ouma is the reason why the group is skilled. Yukina Shirahane, a student from the same school, became the fighting partner of Kennosuke, so he is also a pretty big deal in the anime.

Kuromukuro Season 3 To Continue With The Current Story

As for now, we don’t know exactly when the next season of Kuromukuro will air, but fans shouldn’t get their hopes high up at it might not happen at all. If season 3 arrives, then it will continue with the story of the group of students. However, if Netflix and P. A. Studio decides to end the series, we will hear something regarding the cancellation of the anime soon. Whatever the case is, fans should be prepared for the worst.

Let us know what you think about the future of Kuromukuro in the comments below.

  • Chris Grey

    I just recently started watching the anime it is really goodI would love for it to continue but I hardly doubt it will because it’s rare 4 animes to go past a first season or second season.

  • Miriam

    Guys, I found this and have just signed it, please support!


  • Miriam

    I’ve written the following text to start a petition, so tell me what you think about it. After I started it, I’ll post a link here for you to sign. Please let me know, where else I might put the link for more fans to sign or spread it there yourself.

    Netflix, please release more seasons of Kuromukuro or at least finish the story with a movie. The end you left us fans with is leaving us unsatisfied due to all the open ends that need to be weaved properly. There’s so many questions unanswered:
    * How is it that Yukina and Muetta biologically are the same person, while Yukina’s mother is only similar?
    * Did Zeringer Mundef Bischlei make it back to his planet and are there really people left to fight the Efidolg?
    * Did they even find those who made the call to fight the Efidolg?
    * Will Muetta find a home at least?
    * What is on the spaceship, Yukina gets on to find and support Kennosuke? And who else is on it? The old team maybe?
    * They have three Efidolg geoframes in the lab, so did they copy the technology? And did they manage to find a way to destroy the technology that was planted in people’s ears and that made them Efidolg slaves?
    * Will Yukina ever see her home again?
    * Will Yukina and Kennosuke finally meet again and is their love still as strong?
    * Will there finally be a real embrace and a kiss? Will the two get married in the end?

    Kuromukuro is one of the best anime series we’ve found so far and we’re deeply saddened that it breaks up in the middle of the story. It really has a very good story arc and you can’t foresee the whole plot. That’s what made it so interesting, beside the deep love unfolding before our eyes.
    Please give us something that ends the story in a proper way.

  • Nick

    Honestly this was one of the greatest anime series I’ve ever watched, next to Boku no Hero. An actually well produced, well acted series with a good story arc and a bit of cheesiness… what more could we ask for? Seven Deadly Sins just isn’t enough. BRING BACK KURO!!

  • Victor Vieira

    Eu gostaria muito de assistir a 3 temporada de Kuromukuro, sou completamente apaixonado por esse anime. Tem uma boa história e tem bastante ação e aventura. Estou muito ansioso para a próxima temporada. Já passou muito tempo e ainda não falaram nada, se o Kuromukuro tivesse sido cancelado já saberíamos.

  • grfld

    Pleas keep it going!!!! Even just a movie to tie up the end with them reaching each other, skip ahead a few years to the height of the battle with the efidorg, give a few good battle scenes, more earth ships have launched and made it, a few colonized planets and just tie it up with them together somehow! T-T

  • Emily

    I really hope they continue the series :c I’m so sad right now. Yukina went to space to meet him and the war hasn’t ended.

    • Nick

      Seriously! Yukinas story isn’t over, how is she so similar to princess yuki? And what about her father?

  • Karina

    Highly doubtful. If i’ve learned anything from watching so much anime via netflix, it’s that they have a great track record of only having up to 2 seasons. This is hugely why i loathe that they have their “netflix original” stamp on so many shows. Even if something great is staring them in the face, they’re more concerned about quantity of shows. Get rid of all the junk they waste their time on and put it towards continuing the shows everyone wants to see more of..

  • Mitch

    Well first, it’s crazy how littered with typos that lil article was, and second, I looked up whether there would be a season three because I had a bittersweet feeling at the end of episode 26 that they were setting it up so they could easily end on that note as well as expand on it if they choose. This all just kind of confirms that.

  • Luna White


  • André Gonçalves

    If not another season then another show. A sequel series like Naruto Shippuden is to Naruto.

  • Nexissi

    I vote that we should all make a petition and sign it so Netflix will see the demand of a season 3 for Kuromukuro!

    • Miriam

      Darn yeah, go start it, I’m in.

  • Amanda

    i would be really sad if I don’t see what happens to Yukina and Kennosuke. I say there should totally be a third season!

  • Silvia Prado

    I will be soooo mad if Netflix don’t make the third season

  • Silvia Prado

    I hope there’s another season because I want to know what happen
    Please Netflix make the third season pretty please

  • Markel Dallas

    I just finished both seasons and I must say how deeply saddened I am!! When I got to episode 26 I said “NO THIS CANNOT BE IT!” But sure enough it was. I do indeed hope that there will soon be a new season However realistically knowing Netflix I’m most certain it won’t. As before with “Your Lie in April” and others I would say this is where the plot line ends. Though it is not a bad way to end it my little heart is ever so curious. ?

  • tamie_kk kabah

    me it seems like there should be a next season because she went of to space to get ken… so I really hope there is a next season ^-^ I need a nother one sooooooo bad

  • Gage

    Every show I get into this happens it all ends with it having a possibility of a next season but never happens I find a show that I watch for days some weeks as well just to end so sadly and I know I’m a guy but this still makes me cry that all my favorite shows end like this

    • Luna White

      I agree with you on that. It always seems like the best animes never continue, even though there can be so much more.

  • David

    I just finished season 2 and it will be very sad indeed if there is no season 3. It would like Robotech all over again where you never got to find out what happened to Rick Hunter when he took the expeditionary fleet to the Robotech Masters’ homeworld.


    i just finished this show. i liked how it ended, really had me going, and am looking forward to its continuing if it does…

    never been a fan of mecha anime but i am glad i watch this one…